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Palmstreet Seller Handbook

May 08, 2024

Palmstreet Official

List your items in the marketplace

Just go to the Shop tab and click the "+ Sell“ button

  • Enter product detail information and post it with one click.
  • Listings will be reviewed within 12 hours and will be available in the marketplace once it has been approved.
  • Once you first mail order being delivered, you will become a trusted seller that your listings will be automatically approved.
  • Please kindly note that only sellers based in the U.S. are able to post items for sale in the marketplace.

Bump Your Listings

Bumps bring more attention to your listings. Sellers without pro-membership have 1 free bump per day and you can upgrade to a pro seller to enjoy 2 bumps per day.

Simply tap the "Bump" to polish the listing. A "bump" is an effect that happens right away and moves the listing to the top of the marketplace.

How to restock your products?

Click to enter the product details page, select the "Edit", reset the quantity of the product, and finally click "Post".

How to hide your items?

If you want to make the item non-public, you can set it on the item details page. Once hidden, only users who get the link will be able to see and buy the item.

How to ship on Palmstreet?

Ship on your own

Purchase the label from the carrier’s site and get a tracking number.

Return to Palmstreet App, select a shipping carrier and enter the tracking number. You can select from a range of popular shipping carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, or enter the carrier name if it's not listed.

Purchase shipping label from Palmstreet

Four easy steps to use Palmstreet prepaid shipping labels. If you plan to use Palmstreet prepaid shipping labels, the shipping fees will be deducted from your card or your balance. The tracking number will be automatically filled in your order.

Make sure to provide the correct location you'll be shipping from so we can generate an accurate shipping label.

Enter the package's weight, length, width, and height for an accurate shipping fee calculation. The more precise you are with these measurements, the more accurate the shipping fee will be. Double-check the info to avoid errors before submitting.

Once you confirm the information and hit "next", the shipping label will automatically download to your mobile device. Print it out and attach it to your package.

Take your package to the shipping station and hand it to the staff. They'll scan the label to ensure proper registration and delivery. Once scanned, the package is now on its way to the buyer.

When do you get the sales earnings in your balance?

  • If it is your first order, your earnings will be credited to your Palmstreet balance after the order is "delivered".
  • After completing your first order, your sales earnings will be credited to your balance after the order is marked as shipped.

Please kindly note that it will take some time for Shippo to sync the shipping status of the order to our system.

How to pay out your Palmstreet balance?

Go to Profile > Settings -> Total Balance -> Transfer my balance to set up the pay out process accordingly.

Marketing & Promotion Support

Marketing is key to your revenue

  • Get more exposure by adding your new products weekly and using the Bump feature in Palmstreet Marketplace.
  • If you want to get more exposure by promoting your store through Palmstreet Official. Please contact

Promote your store on Facebook & Instagram

1. Go to your profile page -> Click the Share button -> Copy your own link

Add your profile link to your Facebook & Instagram account. Users can reach your Palmstreet Store by clicking on your link, and those who follow you will receive an exclusive store coupon with 15% Off, up to $5 off offered by Palmstreet!

Find national & local groups to share your store or your sale posts. There are groups like business share groups, plant lover groups, for examples: Plants n Stories , Plant Purge USA.

How to grab attention in those groups:

  • Post well taken photos
  • Memes are often a hit on algorithms
  • Become top contributor in groups
  • If a post you posted got more attention, post link in comments or in IG post

Taking 20 mins a day to make a few posts can be crucial for your own business! You can pay for marketing, but just taking 20 mins can really improve sales & making connections to grow!

Share with your plant friends

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