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LIVE Sellers FAQ

Apr 16, 2024

Palmstreet Official

  • How do I become a LIVE Seller on Palmstreet?

Becoming a LIVE Seller on Palmstreet is an exciting opportunity that awaits you! Please follow this link to submit your application.

  • What are the fees on Palmstreet?

Clicking to read detailed information on all the fees involved with selling on Palmstreet here

  • When can I go LIVE? What is the best time, and is there a time limit?

The key to a successful LIVE session lies in effectively marketing it to your audience and creating a sense of anticipation. Prioritize generating excitement among your viewers by sharing the link to LIVE on all social platforms. Regarding scheduling, it's good practice to maintain at least a 30-minute gap between your LIVE session and that of another seller, if feasible. There is no specific time limit for how long you can go LIVE, but we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 5 hours.

  • How do I get paid?

The funds for your first LIVE's orders will be released once the buyer receives their purchases. Once shipping for your orders for your first LIVE are marked as "delivered", you become a trusted seller. Being a trusted seller means you will receive payments much faster once all future orders are marked as in-transit. You can check your Palmstreet wallet balance in your account’s settings, under total balance. Once you add in the proper banking info, you can transfer your earnings to your PayPal, Venmo, or external bank account.

  • How many items should I post for my first live? Do they all have to be plant-related?

We recommend listing a minimum of 20 items in preparation for your LIVE. These can include plants, plant-related materials, accessories, merchandise, and plant care items. If you are planning to do auction style, please set aside the same amount to present during your live.

  • Can people buy items I don't have pinned?

No, people can only buy items that have been pinned at any time during the LIVE. The shop icon inside the LIVE will show people exactly what has been pinned and is available for purchase. If you need a refresher on how to use any LIVE features on Palmstreet, please refer to the tutorial video here:

  • How does shipping and tracking work?

Tracking for your orders is available inside the app through our bundle shipping feature. If you need a refresher on how to use bundle shipping, please refer to the tutorial video here:

Shipstation can also be integrated with your Palmstreet account for a seamless way to buy shipping labels and input them into the app. Here is a tutorial on how to connect Shipstation:

  • Any tips for having a successful LIVE?
    1. Engaging Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and your passion for plants. Share a brief background about your expertise and experience with plants. This helps build a personal connection with your audience. We also highly recommend having a quality cover photo for your LIVE as this helps build anticipation.
  • 2. Appealing Background Setup: Choose a visually appealing background for your live stream. A setup with well-arranged plants and good lighting can create an inviting atmosphere. Avoid clutter and distractions in the background.

    3. Quality Stream: Use a good quality phone and have good Wi-Fi connection to ensure your audience can clearly see and hear you. Blurry visuals and poor video quality can deter viewers from staying engaged.

    4. Interactive Content: Engage your viewers by asking questions, reading their comments, and responding to them during the live stream. Encourage them to ask questions about the plants you're showcasing.

    5. Educational Content: Share interesting and educational information about the plants you're featuring. Discuss care tips, watering schedules, sunlight requirements, and any unique characteristics. This not only informs your viewers but also showcases your expertise.

    6. Showcase Variety: Display a variety of plants during the live stream. Highlight different types, sizes, and colors to appeal to a wider audience. This allows viewers with various preferences to find something they like.

    7. Engage Before and After: Announce your live stream sale ahead of time on your social media platforms to generate anticipation. After the stream, thank your viewers for participating and highlight any successful sales.

  • How do I promote my LIVE:

Marketing your LIVE is key to increasing your revenue!

  • Palmstreet frequently offers promotional referral bonuses. Be sure to check the Palmstreet frequently offers promotional referral bonuses. Be sure to check the Palmstreet app for exclusive campaigns, allowing you to share your referral link and earn credits every time a user downloads the app and then completes a purchase.

Promote your store on Facebook & Instagram

1. Go to your LIVE show -> Click the Share button -> Copy your own link

Add this link to your profile on Facebook & Instagram. Share this link whenever you post on social media. Users can reach your Palmstreet Store by clicking on your link, and those who follow you will receive an exclusive store coupon with 15% Off, up to $5 off offered by Palmstreet! Be sure to tag @ThePalmstreetApp so that we can repost your content!

2. Find national & local groups to share your store or your sale posts. There are groups like business share groups, plant lover groups, for examples: Plants n Stories , Plant Purge USA.

  How to grab attention in those groups:

  • Post well taken photos
  • Memes are often a hit on algorithms
  • Become top contributor in groups
  • If a post you posted got more attention, post link in comments or in IG post

If you want to get more exposure by promoting your store through Palmstreet Official. Please contact @PalmstreetSupport account. We can help you design promotional banners and promote your store with multiple channels such as IG / Facebook / Palmstreet App / Palmstreet Newsletter, etc.

  • I know a seller who wants to go LIVE on Palmstreet, what do I do?
  • Palmstreet has a seller referral program. Inform the seller to apply to go live through Palmstreet by heading to the LIVE tab and clicking "Apply to Go LIVE." They can name you as a referral to ensure you receive your referral bonus.

  • Where can I see previous comments from my LIVE once it's over?

If you would like a record of the comments from your previous LIVE, you can message Palmstreet Support and they will be able to retrieve a copy for you.

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