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Hosting Giveaways in Live Shows: Boost Engagement & Marketing Effectiveness.

Apr 21, 2024

Palmstreet Official

We're thrilled to unveil a Giveaway feature in our latest app update! Giveaways are not just about giving away free stuff. They're a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance engagement, grow their audience, and boost brand loyalty.

Add a Live Giveaway Listing

  • Go to your storefront to add a listing
  • Select this item is for Giveaway
  • Fill in the item description
  • Select the draw time
  • Set it as a no task or need tasks giveaway
  • Confirm and post it

No Task: No need to fulfill any tasks to enter the giveaway.

One Task: Complete a task to qualify for the giveaway.

Two Tasks: Fulfill two tasks to enter the giveaway.

Initiate a Giveaway During a Live Show

Navigate to your storefront

Find the pre-added giveaway listing

Click "Start&Pin" to initiate the giveaway

Please kindly note that once the giveaway is initiated that you are not able to pause or stop the giveaway or the live show.

Participate in a Giveaway Event

  • Click the Giveaway icon on the top right
  • Complete tasks assigned by the seller if any
  • Tap to enter the giveaway

Select the Winner for the Giveaway

After the giveaway ends, a random draw picks the winner and announce who won, while the lucky winner sees a congratulatory pop-up.


Will the enter still be qualified after leaving the live show?
For a chance to win in the giveaway, participants need to stay in the livestream.

Is it possible to run several giveaways simultaneously in the live show?

Sellers are not able to initiate another giveaway if there is one going on.

How can the winner check the prize order right after winning the giveaway?
Just navigate to Profile > Settings>My purchases to find the newest created order.

Does the winner need to pay for the shipping fee of the giveaway item?
The responsibility for covering the shipping fees for giveaway items is determined by the seller's policy.

Can the draw time be customized as the seller's preference?

Sellers can just choose from the 5, 10 or 15 minutes options.

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