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Unlock Seamless Transactions with Palmstreet's New Invoice Feature

Jun 15, 2024

Palmstreet Official

Introduction of the New Invoice Feature

Invoice makes selling inside and outside of Palmstreet an easy and smooth experience! With Invoice, sellers can easily create invoices and send it to their customers over DM or any kind of communication channel.

How to create an Invoice?

Generate an Invoice from the profile tab:

Create the Invoice from a listing's detail page:

Customize an Invoice from scratch

How to share your invoice with your customer?

Share it inside the app:

Share it to external channels:

How to manage your invoices on Palmstreet?

What the buyers see?

Making payment inside the app:

Pay via the invoice link outside of our platform:


Is it possible to share the invoice to Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, the invoice can be shared via iMessage, Facebook, IG, or e-mail.

Does the buyer have to be a Palmstreet user to claim the order?

No, the customer can make a payment directly through the invoice that is shared with them.

No sign-up is required.

Is there a time limit for customers to make the payment for the item ?

Customers can pay for the item anytime before the seller cancels the invoice.

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