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New Feature: Invite Your Own Moderators

Jul 10, 2024

The moderator feature is designed to make the live stream more engaging and fun for both hosts and viewers.

The Significance of Setting Moderators:

The host can select several audience members to assist in managing interactions and adding fun elements to the show.

How Sellers Can Set Moderators:

  1. Tap on the comment, username, or avatar of a particular audience member.
  2. Select the "allow to moderate" button.
  3. The audience member will be assigned the role of "moderator" for that specific show.
  4. Once the audience member is assigned as a moderator, they will receive a notification.

Sellers Can Remove Moderators:

  1. The host can "disallow to moderate" to remove the role from that specific audience member at any time.
  2. The moderator role will automatically expire once the show ends.

Moderator Privileges:

  • Mute People: Moderators can mute other audience members.
  • Delete Messages: They can delete messages for everyone.
  • Highlighted Comments: Any comments from the moderator will be marked with a "Mod" label for visibility.
  • Role Limitations: Moderators cannot assign other audience members as moderators.

This feature is designed to make live shows more dynamic and engaging, allowing trusted audience members to contribute actively to the show’s success.

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