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Revolutionize Your Selling Experience with Our Seller Hub.

Apr 18, 2024

Palmstreet Official

We are excited to announce the recent launch of our Seller Hub, a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the experience of our valued sellers. The Seller Hub offers a range of features that go beyond just downloading, reviewing order data and your sales balance.

Seller Hub Log in

Just clickclick to login to access the seller hub on your laptops or computers. After that you can find there are two sections, analytics is for you to review your sales data, and the balance is to manage your financial statement on Palmstreet.

Analytics ___Sales Data

Sellers can can choose the period they want to analyze from the options on the left side, which include "Last 7 days", "Last 90 days", "Last month", "Week to date", "Month to date", "Quarter to date", and "Year to date", along with options for different quarters of the year.

The interface also includes a drop-down menu titled "Period - Month" which suggests that the analytics can be viewed by different time periods such as month, and by week, day, quarter, hourly etc. There's another drop-down for "Buyer State" implying that data can be filtered by the state of the buyer as their preferences. All data can be exported by clicking the Export Order Details button.

Balance ___Financial Management

Sellers can manage their available and pending balance based on several criteria: "Time Period", "Balance Status" , "Balance Type" , and "Order Source". Additional filters include "Transaction Type" and a "Live Show" option. There is a search bar for "Order number" to to search for specific transactions and an "Export" button for exporting the data.

Come and experience it for yourself:

Seller Hub (best viewed on a PC ):

Video Tutorial:

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