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Welcome to the Next Level of Auctions: Unveiling Snipe Mode, Customized Bidding, Enhanced Timers, and More!

Apr 19, 2024

Palmstreet Official

What is a Snipe Mode?

The Snipe Mode is to secure the countdown timer not to be reset during the bidding process. When the snipe mode is not activated, in the event of a new bid within the final 10 seconds, the countdown timer will reset. However, once the Snipe Mode is on, the timer will not reset even if someone places a new bid in the final several seconds.

How to Enable the Snipe Mode?

It is turned off by default yet sellers can click the snipe mode button to turn it on when adding an auction listing.

What is an Enhanced Timer?

In this updated version, sellers can either apply the default 30s countdown time or customize it (Range from 5s to 300s). However, we recommend not to make it too long since no one can call it off once the auction begins.

How to Customize the Bidding Increments?

Sellers can turn off the dynamic bidding increment to type in a desired fixed increment for the auction item.


Please carefully check if everything is correct before posting your listings. And feel free to report any abnormal issues to the PalmstreetSupport team.


Is there a comprehensive tutorial for the live auction feature?

Please kindly follow this link to learn more about it.

Is it applicable to conduct multiple auctions simultaneously in the new version?

Sorry, only one auction at a time to ensure a better bidding experience.

Why can not find the place to enable snipe mode and fixed increments?

Please click advanced settings to operate these features if you are quickly adding auction items.

Is it possible to pause or stop the auction in the process?

No, no one can cease the auction unless the time is up.

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