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We are Rebranding to Palmstreet

Apr 09, 2024

Palmstreet Official

We're growing together

We're growing! PlantStory is now Palmstreet. As our passions grow from plants to pottery and crystals, so does our name.

Why Palmstreet?

From a single branch flourishing into a tree full of diverse branches - that's us! Plus, we're channeling that main street style, shopping charm, into our livestreams and marketplace.

What’s Changing?

A fresh look inside the app, but with the same beloved functions. Plus, some new surprises to enhance your experience!

Save the Date!

Our new leaves begin to unfurl on April 14th. Stay tuned!

Share Our Story

Help clear the air if there's any mix-ups about Palmstreet. It's us, the PlantStory you know and appreciate, just with more to love!

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