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Utilize Our Local Pick-Up Feature to Streamline Your Shopping Experience

Apr 16, 2024

Palmstreet Official

Enjoy the convenience of our Local Pick-Up feature. If the seller offers this service and you're near the meet up location, opt for this quick and easy option to save time and shipping cost.

Setting Local Pick-Up as Preferred


When you enter a live show, just tap the Wallet icon to enter the editing page, the default method is shipping yet you may pre-set local pick-up as your preferred delivery method with a click on it. 


When you are browsing in the marketplace, once you click the "Buy now" button of a listing, it directs you to the Delivery method page, then you can choose local pickup as delivery method for your order before processing the payment.


Before selecting the local pick-up option, please confirm the seller's general meet-up location is conveniently near you. Remember, you can only choose local pick-up if the seller provides this service.


How to fulfill my local pick order with the seller?

You may navigate to your order detail page to mark it as locally picked up.

How do I find the exact location for Local Pick-Up?

Please kindly confirm with the seller regarding the specific pick-up location.

What is the policy for missed pick-ups or delays?

For now, there is no specific time limitation yet we recommend to pick up your items ASAP.

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