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Apr 30, 2024

Palmstreet Official

Introduction to Co-streaming

As the streaming world evolves, co-streaming emerges as a vital feature to enhance interaction and creativity among content creators, allowing you to engage with wider, more diverse audiences. Update your App to 8.7.2 or preferably newer version to enjoy this feature on Palmstreet.

Sellers Inviting Viewers to Join

In your live, you may send the co-streaming invitation by clicking into the live message of the audience. The invitation link is valid for 1 minute and you can cancel it anytime.

Accepting the Livestream Invitation

After the invitee receiving the invitation that they can hit the "Accept" button to take it. Please note that the invitee has to turn on the camera and microphone to go through it.

Going Live Together

The invitee going live with the seller through a tap on the "Join Livestream" button.

End the Dual Livestream

Close the small window to end the dual-live with the invitee.

Co-streamer may close the small window to end the dual live with the seller.


How can viewers be invited to join a co-stream in the seller's livestream ?

Just comment in the live to request the seller to send you an invitation.

Is it possible to invite a viewer that is out of the live via their comments?

No, the live seller is only able to invite the viewer who is watching the live .

Why the audience can not be invited to join the co-streaming ?

Check if their camera and microphone is on and the app version is updated.

Why not seeing the invitation after the seller sending it out?

The invitation link is only valid for 1 minute and the seller can cancel it any time.

Can the invitee reject the co-streaming request in the live?

Yes, they may click "Reject" to refuse to go live with the seller.

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