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Shipping Issues FAQs

Apr 16, 2024

Palmstreet Official

What do to when the order is taking longer to to shipped?

Please make sure to reach out to the seller as soon as possible to confirm the exact shipping date of your purchase. It’s important to establish clear communication to ensure that your order is processed in a timely manner.

If the order was created less than 12 days ago:

Kindly reach out to the seller as soon as possible regarding the issue.

If the you have contacted the seller but received no response:

Directly reach out to us to help contact the seller. We will try our best to reach out to the seller to get back to you. If the seller does not respond after 72 hours, you may request us to process refunds on your behalf.

If the order has not been shipped over 12 days without your consent:

Directly request the seller to process refund for you due to shipment out of the final time frame. If no response from them, just reach out to us to remind the seller to get it resolved. If still no updates from the seller after 48 hours, just request us to process refunds for you.

What should I do if my order is marked as delivered but hasn't arrived?

Occasionally, the tracking information may indicate that a package has been delivered before it actually arrives. This could be due to a mis-scan or pre-scan by the carrier. If you encounter this situation, we recommend the following steps:

  • Verify Shipping Address: Double-check that the shipping address listed on your order is correct and complete.
  • Check Delivery Location: Inspect the area around the delivery location. Your package might be placed in a secure spot. Also, look for any notice of attempted delivery which the carrier might have left.
  • Confirm with Others: Inquire with family members, roommates, or neighbors to see if they accepted the delivery on your behalf.
  • Contact the Carrier: Get in touch with the shipping carrier for the most current and accurate information regarding your package's whereabouts.

If, after taking these steps, your package is still not located, we advise you to file a claim with the shipping carrier. Should you need any further assistance or have any questions, our Support team is readily available to help you.

In the event of the item lost issue caused by UPS and the shipping label is purchased via Palmstreet by the seller. Please directly reach out to our customer support team to help submit and follow the claim for you.

What to do if the order shipping status got stuck?

Check the order status and take appropriate actions:

Pre-transit: It refers to that the seller purchased the shipping label yet has not shipped out your items. In this case, please kindly reach out to the seller to ship for you as soon as possible.

In-transit: This status means that the carrier may not update your shipping status timely. Please contact the relevant shipping company to check it out for you.

How to deal with the order which is being delivered to the wrong address?

If you've noticed that your shipping address is incorrect for an order that has already been dispatched, it's crucial to act promptly. Contact your postal service as soon as you can to get a solution, providing them with the tracking number and explaining the situation. 

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