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How to Use a Screenshot as the Listing Picture.

Apr 18, 2024

Palmstreet Official

In LIVE sales shows, sellers can now quickly use screenshots as pictures for their listings. This means they can take a screenshot right from their phone and put it up for sale. This makes it easier and faster to show what they're selling, especially variegated houseplants, giving buyers a clear picture of what they're getting.

Sellers can also update their listings fast with new screenshots. This keeps their sales up-to-date and helps buyers know exactly what they’re looking at. Plus, a screenshot can show how good the plant looks or any special options it has.

How to use a screenshot as a listing picture

  • Quickly add a listing: Tap the "Quickly-Add" button to view a pop-up window. Here, you'll be prompted to enter the necessary details for your listing. Note that adding a picture to your listing is optional but recommended for attracting more buyers.

  • Take a screenshot and then add a new listing: If you choose to add a picture, tap on the picture option. A 3-second countdown will begin, culminating in the automatic capture of a screenshot. After the screenshot is taken, a half-window will appear, giving you the option to either use the captured image as your listing picture or to retake it. If you're satisfied with the image, select the option to use it, and it will be added to your listing.If you opt for a retake, the screenshot capturing process will repeat until you're happy with the screenshot.
  • Sending a Purchase Link: If it's a designated auction listing, just tap on the username of any buyer to bring up options. Select "Send a Purchase Link" to proceed with a similar process to the "Quickly-Add" mode.
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