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First-Time Buyer Perks on Palmstreet

Apr 18, 2024

Palmstreet Official

Welcome aboard, new Palmstreet enthusiasts! Your first adventure with us is about to get a whole lot better. This guide is specially crafted for you, our first-time buyers, to seamlessly redeem your exclusive coupons and credits.

How to Get New User Perks?

After the first-time registration on Palmstreet APP, you will receive the new user benefits: 3 free shipping coupons (up to $20 for each order), a 10% off coupon (up to $5), and $5 credit. You may check the coupons by tapping the coupon icon in the *Shop* Section and review your credits by navigating to *Profile* >*My Credits* .

Limitations and Rules

  • New user benefits including coupons and credits expire in 7 days and can not be extended.
  • Free shipping coupons┬ácan only be applied to shipping fees of the order instead of items.
  • All coupons are not refundable once used, please confirm carefully before checking out.
  • Credits are not available to use for local pick up orders, taxes and shipping fees.
  • On the same device, only one new account is eligible for new user perks.
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