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Explore the Enhanced Reviewing Feature on Palmstreet.

Apr 19, 2024

Palmstreet Official

We are thrilled to announce that our review feature updates will make the shopping and selling experience more interactive and transparent. There are 3 major updates and we are going to learn about these updates one by one.

1. Sellers Can Now Respond to Buyers’ Reviews

Engage with Your Customers: Establishing trust with buyers is crucial. This feature allows you to initiate dialogue, express gratitude, address concerns, and provide helpful information to your customers.

How It Works: Check your shop reviews and click the reply button to respond to a specific review or rating.

2. Buyers Can Insert Photos into Their Reviews

Share Your Experience Visually: Optimize decision support for other users by incorporating authentic product images in your reviews, following best practices with clear and relevant photos accompanying written reviews.

How It Works: Just click stars to rate the order and tap + to insert photos before submitting it.

3. Filter Reviews for a Tailored Overview

Find What You’re Looking For: Efficiently access pertinent reviews by employing filters to evaluate ratings based on the star scale, presence of images, and reply status.

How does it work: Just hit the filter Icon on the top right to check reviews based on your preference while browsing the rating and reviews of a seller from their profile.

These new updates are part of our commitment to creating a vibrant and supportive community on Palmstreet. We encourage both sellers and buyers to take full advantage of these updates to enhance your experience and connection with one another.


How many times can the seller reply to the review?

Only one time for each review.

Is it possible for buyers to add unlimited photos to the review?

Buyers can add up to 9 photos for each review.

Can the buyer or the seller delete a review?

We recommend to reach out to the seller for a solution first if anything wrong with the order since reviews can not be edited or deleted after being posted.

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