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Enhance Your Online Store with Our 'Shop Policies' Feature

Apr 19, 2024

Palmstreet Official

We're thrilled to introduce the Shop Policies feature, designed to streamline your store's operations and foster customer trust. Upon accessing your seller account, you'll be prompted to set up your Shop Policies.

Streamlined Delivery Options

Shipping Day: Just tap the Shop Policies in Settings to set your preferred shipping days, choosing from the upcoming week to align with your schedule.

Local Pick-Up: Offer the convenience of Local Pick Up to your nearby customers. This option is adjustable, allowing you to set a specific pick-up location other than your shipping address.

Flexible Payment Options

In response to evolving market needs, you can choose to support installment payments. And please be aware that a total of 6%+$0.3 will be charged from you by the relevant financial institutions, if a buyer places an installment order.

Transparent Return and Exchange Policies

Define whether you accept returns and exchanges, specifying timeframes. This clarity is key to customer satisfaction and reduces potential disputes.

Applying Your Shop Policies

Once you have established your Shop Policies, they will automatically be applied to your live shows and all your listings.

Real-Time: Whenever you update your Shop Policies, these changes are reflected immediately across your store.

How Buyers View Your Policies?

Your shop policies are displayed in the detail page of each listing in the marketplace. In the live show, buyers view the shop policies by clicking the location or shipping car icon at the bottom.

Strengthening Your Store's Credibility

Having clear, accessible Shop Policies not only streamlines your business operations but also significantly enhances the trust and credibility of your store. It empowers buyers to make informed decisions, leading to a better shopping experience and potentially higher customer satisfaction.


Is it possible to add more detailed disclaimers for returns and exchanges?

We recommend sellers to add any additional announcements to their notes on LIVE shows and profile pages, in case there's anything they want to highlight that isn't covered in the shop policies.

Will the shop policies update effect my old listings that posted in the past?

No, it will only apply to your new live shows and listings after setting up.

Is there a limitation regarding the frequency of changing the shop policies?

No limitation for now yet we recommend not to change it too many times.

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