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Add-on Recommendation Streamlines Buying and Selling Processes.

Apr 19, 2024

Palmstreet Official

What Are Add-on Products?

We now support three kinds of add-on products to be listed and recommended:

  • Heat packs
  • Insulations
  • Shipping Upgrade

Once sellers successfully list above mentioned add-on products, the system will recommend them to buyers while checking out, thus without the hassle of placing a separate order for these additional products intended for plants.

How to List Add-on Products?

Firstly, just navigate to Settings > My Listings > + > Sell Add-on Products.

Then, edit the item details, such as the name, price, quantity, add-on type, etc. Finally, kindly check each piece of information and post it.

How to Manage Add-on Product Listings?

Just navigate to "My Listings" to check add-on products and edit these listings. Noticeably, sellers can enable the "Hide from recommendation" for some items that are not willing to sell to buyers at some point. For example, heat packs are not supposed to be put up in the recommendation section in summer.

What Does it Look Like From Buyers' Perspective?

Buyer's review while buying in the live show

Buyer's review while buying in the marketplace


Is it possible to list other products as add-on products?
We now just support three kinds of add-on product types: Heat packs; Insulations; Shipping Upgrade.

What is the major difference between purchasing in the live show and the marketplace?

Other plant items will also be recommended to buyers in the marketplace while only add-on products are recommended in live shows.

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