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A Guide to Placing Orders in Auctions

Apr 16, 2024

Palmstreet Official

How to place a bid?

Please initiate a bid only after the shipping & payment information is completed and confirmed, since the payment will take place as soon as you won the bid.

After that, you can swipe the bid button from the left to the right to validate the bid.

How to verify whether you won the auction?

If you are the highest bid and is not outbid until the final second of the auction, you will win the item. When this happens, a congratulatory window will appear for all participants, including the host, announcing the auction winner.

Please be aware that the bid just covers the item price, yet shipping fees and applicable taxes will be calculated and added to your total after you winning the auction.


  • Is Pay in 4 available for auction items?
    No, it is not applicable for bidding.
  • Is the local pick-up order feature available for auction items?
    Yes, you can click the wallet icon to set your preferred delivery method.
  • Will credits apply to auction item orders?
    Yes, credits can be applied to auction items.
  • When will the bidder make the payment for the auction item?
    The payment will take action immediately once the bidder wins the auction.
  • What if the winner fails to make payment for the auction item?
    If the winner cannot make the payment within 5 minutes after winning the bid, the seller can restart the auction of that item.
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