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A Guide to Connect and Update Your Payment Card

Apr 18, 2024

Palmstreet Official

Encountering issues with binding, changing, or deleting your bank card? This article offers a one-stop solution to help you easily manage your bank card information, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

First Time Link Your Payment Card

After entering any of the live shows, just click the wallet icon to go to the shipping and payment information page. Fill in the card information by tapping the Payment detail and then click 'Add' to connect the card to your account.

Binding a New Card to your account

When you navigate to your payment card info in the live show, click the card icon with circular arrows to add a new card

Switching From Several Cards for Payment

Clicking the card icon with circular arrows and choose the card you preferred as default.

Deleting a Linked Card

You may navigate to settings from the profile tab to find the "Manage payment" option to find your linked cards and delete the one that you do not use anymore


How to switch from several cards when making payments?

Just select the card you would like to use in the payment info tab in the live show.

Will the refunds go to the old card if making payment with a new card?

Refunds only goes to the bank account which make the payment.

How many cards can be linked to my Palmstreet account?

There is no specific limitation for that yet on our platform.

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